Gerardo Aguilar

Design Director

Gerardo Aguilar received his Bachelor of Architecture Degree from the University Del Tepeyac, Mexico City, in 1998. He has worked in various professional capacities designing and drafting architectural projects, including both Commercial and Residential projects. After graduating, Gerardo worked for Moyao Architects, a firm that specialized in Auditoriums and other large capacity spaces.

Gerardo joined Chelsea Design Group, Inc. (CDGLA) in 2005, as an Associate with expertise in Architectural CAD and 3D production. He has been the driving force of all technology services within CDG to adapt to the rapid evolution of the digital and electronic methods of production and communication within the industry of architecture and interior design. Gerardo has been involved in every phase of the projects, acquiring experience dealing with City Agencies, Codes and ADA compliance as well as Project Design and Management. His administration skills included coordination directly with consulting Engineers and Clients, through all phases of the project.

Gerardo enjoys time with his family and the activities of his 3 children. He also has established a digital Photo Booth business for weekend and special events.

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